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Here’s who’s receiving orthodontic treatment, and why


March 29, 2024

Quick, what’s the No. 1 reason patients come to our orthodontist at Lynbrook for treatment? If you guessed that it’s for improving their smile, you’re right. And that’s no surprise, as our specialty offers more options than ever to deliver life-changing results. That’s why patients of all ages are deciding to start the journey to optimal oral health with us!


We thought you might like to get a glimpse at who’s coming to us for treatment and why, so here’s a snapshot of some recent data.

  • Looks can thrill: According to the American Association of Orthodontics, 74% of adults and 80% of parents of children considering treatment cite improved appearance as their top priority.
  • Beyond the smile: The AAO also reports that 32 percent of adults seek orthodontic treatment due to functional issues including difficulty chewing, properly cleaning their teeth, and speaking clearly.
  • Ageless wonders: If you think orthodontic treatment is just for kids and teens, think again!. One in five current orthodontic patients are adults, reports the AAO. The desire for a healthy, beautiful smile never gets old!
  • Choices, choices: Traditional metal braces continue to be the most popular choice among patients, offering effective results for a wide variety of conditions, at an affordable cost. Clear aligners are becoming an increasingly popular choice for their convenience and discretion, although they’re not suitable for every case. Ceramic braces with tooth-colored brackets, and lingual braces placed behind the teeth, are two other popular choices among those seeking the effectiveness of braces in a more discreet form.

There are many reasons to seek orthodontic treatment and plenty of options. But there’s only one choice if you want the most experienced, effective specialist and best-in-class patient experience. Lynbrook has become the gold standard in the field, matching state-of-the-art technology with timeless service and results. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation!

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