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Hey, Adults! Lose Your Fear of Orthodontic Treatment!


January 2, 2024

Many adults who dread appointments with their general dentists end up attending them nonetheless. They know that those regular visits ensure the appearance and health of their teeth. Then there are grownups who want orthodontic treatment but don’t because they’re afraid. 

But rest assured that at the office of Lynbrook, our skilled orthodontic practitioners are devoted to the care and comfort of every patient. We’re highly experienced at putting all of our visitors at ease. Our expert and highly knowledgeable staff is friendly, warm and cheerful. Our first mission is to comfort our patients so they can relax. 

Fears of orthodontic care can be deep and a challenge to identify. That’s where psychology comes in. Just knowing why you’re afraid can be the first step to conquering it. Can you identify with these possible causes?

Feeling that you’re not in control: It can be disconcerting to be confined in a chair with someone hovering over you to fill your mouth with braces and their accessories. 

Embarrassment: There’s no need to feel awkward being in an office that’s filled with children. Why? Because chances are good that you won’t be the only patient there who’s over age 21. Twenty-five percent of orthodontic patients in the U.S. are not kids! If you’re embarrassed that your teeth are quite misaligned, don’t be. The ortho will admire you for rectifying your situation.

Bad memories: Teeth can shift as we age and you now want them re-straightened. But if you were negatively affected—perhaps you got inferior care or your provider had an unpleasant demeanor—by having had braces as a kid, you assume you’ll re-experience the trauma. 

Overcoming your fear of orthodontic treatment is a huge achievement, and carrying through with it is a wonderful breakthrough. Straight teeth will help you avoid the chances of getting cavities, plaque, tartar, loose teeth, gum disease and lost teeth.

The office of Lynbrook maintains a superior position at the forefront of advances in care. For more information about how we can help you, please call our office today.

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